Business across the Isle slowed down by poor Internet service

Andrew Percy MP.
Andrew Percy MP.

Slow Internet connections are costing the Yorkshire and Humber economy, including areas of the Isle, £784m a year in lost productivity according to new research.

The research, commissioned by business communications firm, Daisy Group, found that the average worker is unable to complete their normal job responsibilities for up to 38 minutes every week due to poor broadband speeds, while nine per cent admitted that their Internet connection grinds to a halt more than 11 times in any given seven day period.

It claims workers lose 33 hours every year due to slow Internet access, 40 percent of employees say Internet at home is faster than at work and seven percent of workers look for other jobs during periods of IT downtime.

The report comes despite Isle MP Andrew Percy (pictured) compiling his own survey into poor coverage results showing 66 percent of residents either had no mobile phone call coverage or reported issues, which increased to 80 percent when residents were asked about 3G or 4G Internet coverage and presenting this to Internet companies.

According to the Daisy Group study, more than a third of respondents said that their home Internet connection was ‘much faster’ than the one they use at work. This is despite the government’s effort to roll out fibre broadband across the UK and offer free grants to subside the costs of upgrading a connection. A Daisy Group spokesman said: “It is simply unacceptable for businesses that rely heavily on the Internet to experience periods of downtime.”