Better broadband for more areas of Doncaster

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NEWS: News.

Two more areas of Doncaster are now linked to high-speed fibre broadband, BT has announced.

Mexborough and Hatfield Woodhouse follow other locations, such as Askern, Balby and Rossington where fibre is already available, and Conisbrough and Tickhill are also due to be upgraded soon.

By the end of Spring 2014 around 110,000 homes and businesses across the Doncaster area will be able to benefit as a result of BT’s £2.5 billion fibre roll-out programme.

Tom Keeney, BT’s regional director, said: “BT’s fibre network is expanding rapidly across the Doncaster area bringing a boost for local economies wherever it goes. Research suggests that within 15 years fibre broadband could bolster the economy of a typical town by £143 million and create 225 new jobs, 140 new start-up businesses and 1,000 more homeworkers.

“The arrival of fibre in Mexborough and Hatfield Woodhouse can really help local firms in these economically challenging times, opening up new ways of working and speeding up vital operations, such as file and data transfers, conferencing and computer back-up, all of which may also help cut costs.”