A new, stress-free solution to debt that actually works

FANCY a new debt solution that can take away the stress, without paying out significantly more than you already owe?

With Christmas packed away for another year, credit card statements rolling in, and a pay day that seems like a lifetime away, people start worrying about how they are going to get through the next few weeks.

Being in debt, whether it be personal or business related is a stressful time, and it’s not easy trying to understand what options are available to you with all the worry and emotions running high, not to mention the financial jargon that some companies use.

Debt is a common problem, but few people know how to deal with it properly when it hits.

“The first thing to do is not to panic,” says Anthony Fairhurst of Hurstons Accountants and Business Advisors.

“Easy to say, but more difficult to put into practice. Dealing with problems with a clear head is a lot easier, and solutions look more optimistic.”

Most people see declaring themselves bankrupt when they hit financial difficulties as an easy solution. This can often end in costing you more, and also jeopardizes any future business you may want to carry out.

“We would always rather look at the options and find a solution than advising anyone to declare themselves bankrupt,” continues Anthony.

“As business advisors, we would be looking at the options available and suitable to the debt issue and talking these through with the client, trying to find a viable solution.

“We are fortunate to be linked with a number of professional partners whose services we can make available, offering clients the advantage of their expertise and knowledge.”

“We look at bringing debt down to its root causes, to not only solve the immediate problem, but to prevent it from happening again.

“We approach this in a jargon-free manner, so clients have a full understanding of what steps they need to take, and we are there every step of the way with them, providing support as and when they need it, including helping them to negotiate with lenders if required.”

Debt affects the majority of people sometime in their lives, either personal or financial, but there is always a solution. Hurstons approaches debt in a common sense manner, building on their tradition of being jargon-free and at fixed costs.

Please visit www.hurstonsdebtsolutions.co.uk for more information, or call 01427 873737.