BREAKING NEWS:Low turnout in mayoral election

Ballot box
Ballot box

There has been a turnout of just 28% in Doncaster’s mayoral election.

The figure has just been announced t the count at Doncaster Racecourse where ten candidates are vying to become the next elected mayor.

From a total electorate of 223,608, just 62,138 people cast their vote - a seven per cent decrease on the turnout in 2009 when Peter Davies was elected.

From the postal votes, 36,528 were returned from a total of 59,526 sent out - a turnout of 61.4 per cent.

It is the second lowest turnout in a Doncaster mayoral election since the 2002 vote when Labour’s Martin Winter triumphed on a 27% turnout.

Counting of the votes is now underway.

Sources have suggested it is a two horse race between Peter Davies and Labour’s Ros Jones. An announcement is expected around lunchtime.