BREAKING NEWS: Doncaster Council plan to slash pay of staff by four per cent

The Council House, Doncaster
The Council House, Doncaster
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CASH-STRAPPED Doncaster Council bosses are set to slash the pay of their workers by four per cent.

The authority has this morning announced plans to save £6.2m million by changing the terms and conditions of its workers.

Rob Vincent, Chief Executive of DMBC. Picture: Marie Caley D1028MC

Rob Vincent, Chief Executive of DMBC. Picture: Marie Caley D1028MC

Overtime payments and increased wages for long service are also set to be changed.

The working week is also planned to be cut as part of the proposals which the council says will mean it will not have to shed up to 250 jobs.

Hundreds of workers have already left the council as it tries to save £70 million following Government spending cuts.

The announcement comes as councillors are to meet at 2pm today in the Mansion House to discuss plans to slash their allowances by five per cent.

Rob Vincent, chief executive, said: “We have always been aware that these would be difficult decisions to make but with a backdrop of £71m of savings to make over four years we had no choice but to reconsider our terms and conditions.

“It is also right that we review these as a preference to cutting front line services.

“We have spent many months meeting the trade unions on a weekly basis to work through the initials proposals and we have now presented them with the proposals we intend to take forward.

“These proposals will save us in the region of £6.2m and consequently save between 200 and 250 posts. The bulk of the saving is proposed to come from a pay cut to all staff. This will also include a one hour reduction in the working week to partially off set the impact of the cut.

“If we did not make these changes we would have no option but to make more people redundant. I understand that our staff will not welcome these proposals but given the list we started with we have managed to preserve many of their benefits and hopefully minimise the impact on their lives whilst ensuring the people of Doncaster are not adversely affected.”

Staff are now to be consulted on the following:

•A four per cent pay cut across all staff groups and an hour reduction in their hours (pro-rata for part time staff)

•Tapered pay protection for those paid on the lowest grades earning up to £15,000 with those on grade two or less receiving no percentage pay cut.

•The guarantee of a 2.5 per cent pay rise in 2013/14, subject to the Government not making any change to the existing budget proposals

•Incremental progression paid every two years (the first to be paid in 2013/14) but to review after 2014/15

•Withdrawal of monetary long service awards but to hold a recognition ceremony instead

•Reduction in overtime to time-and-a-quarter for everyone. Bank holidays (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) will remain at double time but there will be no entitlement to a lieu day.