BREAKING NEWS: Councillors reject mayor’s budget plans

Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies
Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies

DONCASTER’S councillor’s have this afternoon overwhelming voted to reject mayor Peter Davies’ budget.

A total of 44 members chose to reject the £485 million spending plans for the next year, with only 11 voting in favour.

The controversial budget has been drawn up in light of a £30 million cut in government cash, with plans to absorb £4.5 million of the shortfall through changing staff terms and conditions.

However, at the meeting the Labour party put forward £610,000 worth of proposed changes to the budget, which included allowing the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to restructure and become more efficient. The motion also included cash to keep libraries open.

The budget discussions were put on hold until 6pm on March 5, when all members with re-adjourn at the Mansion House.