Bradholme Thorne warehouse plans thrown out

PLANS to build two enormous warehouses in Thorne have been been thrown out by councillors.

Developers PPG Land had claimed that the massive development at Bradholme Farm, with a combined floor space of more than two million square feet, would create 2,380 jobs.

But members of Doncaster Council's planning committee questioned the estimate and decided that the true potential for jobs did not outweigh the environmental impact that the scheme would have.

And to applause from members of the public who packed into Tuesday's planning meeting, many of them from the Thorne Against Bradholme group, the plans were unanimously rejected.

Moving to reject the scheme, councillor Mick Jameson (Labour) said: "The fact is that we have already got a number of distribution centres which have never been filled.

"Quite frankly we have got miles of warehousing space that is not used."

Referring to the projected number of jobs to be created, he added: "If you could give me a guarantee that that would be the case I would move to accept the officers' recommendations. But you can't.

"If you go down near B&Q you can see a number of huge units that have never had an occupier."

Earlier John Proctor, a major projects officer with the council, had explained that the estimated number of jobs had been calculated based on the amount of floor space in the development.

He said: "It is, I have to say, a very fine balance of issues and this case hangs mainly on the economic and social benefits it will bring to a deprived area to the borough."

Matthew Sheppard, representing the applicants, said he was "broadly confident" with the projected number of jobs to be created but admitted the number could be lower.

The application was rejected on the grounds that the benefit of the jobs created would not outweigh the scheme's impact on the environment.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Sheppard did not say whether PPG would appeal the decision.