Bizarre copycat Doncaster clown claims to have backing of police

Police tape.
Police tape.

A bizarre copycat clown following in the footsteps of the original Doncaster Clown is bringing new fears to residents - and claims he has the police on his side.

A new Facebook account entitled Donny Klown has been set up - with a profile photo of a person in a sinister clown mask in the Frenchgate Centre.

In a series of rambling and strange Facebook posts littered with misspellings and typos, the character says “the police are on my side as its for a good cause” and that anyone found threatening “Donny Klown” will be “arrested.”

The character wrote: “ok then for all you non believers out is your chance to reddem (sic) yourselves. Where was this picture taken? “there is plenty more pictures to come but im saving them for the moment..but i have enough photographic evidence to prove i am the real one and only donny klown. sick of the copycats.”

We are aware of the person behind the Donny Klown Facebook page and he has been named on various social media pages but we are choosing not to identify him.

The original Doncaster Clown Facebook page was set up last week and now has nearly 4,500 followers and is not connected.

That character announced it was returning to the streets of Doncaster on Friday after a three year absence.
The original Doncaster Clown has been updating fans with updates of its appearances, having claimed to be in Rossington on Friday and Stainforth on Saturday.

The creepy character has said it just wants “hugs” and scores of people have thrown down challenges for the clown to visit their village.

However, other Facebook users have threatened the clown with violence and attacks if it comes to their street.
The Donny Klown page has since sprung up in its wake and the character added: “off out tonight to prove i am real. i am taking some pictures for the free press since i couldnt rely on anyone to take an actual photo. if you do spot me shout out Donny Clown and I will let u do a ‪#‎selfie‬ and u can have twenty quid.”

The character claims he has the police on his side and claimed that his activities were to help “disadvantaged” youths.

Posting on Facebook the character added: “i am setting up a go fund me page for disadvantaged Doncaster youths in case anyone wants to donate every penny counts. but wont be telling you what time or where as i have received a lot of death threats.

“inbox me addresses and phone numbers and i will be selecting someone completely at random to turn up at your grandparents please unless without permission. Doncaster area only please x GOOD LUCK FINDING ME HE HE HE

The character ranted on: “anyone found threatening donny klown will be arrested.

“the police are on my side as its for a good cause. they will be informed of my whereabouts so don’t try anything fresh.

“i am not carrying weapons or threatening anyone. i would like to go out in public dressed as a clown but i have received too much hate and so called hard men are spoiling it. lets keep this fun please and safe

The Donny Klown account is not connected to the original Doncaster Clown account.

South Yorkshire Police has declined to comment on the Donny Klown Facebook page.