Big brother star is shining

Josie Gibson. Picture: PA Photo/Handout.
Josie Gibson. Picture: PA Photo/Handout.

Josie Gibson found fame by winning Big Brother in 2010. Here she discusses her recent weight loss.

Congratulations on your weight loss

Thank you very much! It’s been hard work, I’m not going to lie, but I got there in the end. I can’t believe it. There’s nothing better than putting a size 10 dress on, I can tell you that - it’s lovely to have a choice of clothes and feel comfortable.

You’ve also gone down a shoe size haven’t you?

Yes. Weird, right? But I was speaking to somebody else recently who’d had a big weight loss and she said she’d gone down a shoe size as well. So I’ve gone from a seven to a six. And before I couldn’t really walk in heels, but now I can walk in them easier.

There are lots of exercise DVDs on the market, so why should we chose yours over those?

I don’t know what the others are like because I haven’t watched them, but mine works - it’s been scientifically proven. The best form of weight loss is to bring your heart rate up and down, up and down. Doing one session of the DVD, which is about 12 minutes, is the equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging in terms of burning calories.


Yes, and because you’re lifting your heart rate up and down, you’re still burning calories for the next 48 hours. But it is a burner - I get loads of tweets everyday with people going, ‘Oh, it’s really hard work’. There was one girl, she mustn’t have stretched properly because she said, ‘I couldn’t walk up the stairs afterwards!’ But I’m getting really, really good feedback now. I think people are understanding that it works and are seeing results.

Your workout is now the UK’s best-selling workout DVD, beating your old Big Brother mate Davuina McCall into second place

I’m absolutely delighted. I think Davina is amazing and a year ago I’d never have imagined I could even do a fitness DVD, never mind bring one out, and let alone get close to selling as many as her.

Are you still doing the workout on a daily basis?

Yes, I have been. I mix and match it up, I don’t just do exactly the same as what’s on the DVD, I take bits from each section, but I pretty much stick to the routine.

Josie Gibson’s 30-Second Slim is out now, priced £19.99