Beaten Doncaster mayoral candidate Eddie Todd claims Facebook account hacked in latest twist to election row

Doncaster mayoral candidate Eddie Todd.
Doncaster mayoral candidate Eddie Todd.

Beaten Doncaster mayoral candidate Eddie Todd has claimed his Facebook account has been hacked in a new twist to the election row.

Following last Thursday's defeat to Labour's Ros Jones, local businessman Mr Todd blamed his defeat on a police "set-up" after video of him being spoken to by officers over an "ambulance" he was using as a campaign vehicle went viral.

In the immediate aftermath of his defeat, he called for the election to be re-run, saying the clip had wrecked his entire campaign and lost him thousands of votes.

Now he has taken to social media again, claiming that his Facebook account has been hacked.

He said: "It appears that my Facebook account has been hacked for some time - posts and comments have been added and removed. Let's see how this post develops will I get any positive comments or just hate ones."

In a separate post he added: "Looks like all my Facebook accounts have been hacked all my comments have been erased over last 5 weeks well that politics for you
I thought you may wish to hear this."

Ahead of polling day, Mr Todd was filmed in Doncaster Market Place being spoken to by police officers over blue lights on an "ambulance" which he says he uses to transport injured motorbike riders to hospital from the bike track her runs in Carcroft.

He wrote: "A group of people who did not agree with my campaign skilfully made the video and the police officer made a comment that the ambulance was not legal and that I had been ticketed for driving through red lights with blue lights on a fake ambulance. The police issued me with a ticket for having unauthorised lights fitted to a vehicle."

"This was a total set up to destroy my campaign.

"The post was placed on Facebook by people who are against my manifesto pledges. This video cost me thousands of votes."

The independent candidate, who finished in fourth place had said he would build a Doncaster 'Disneyland' as one of his campaign pledges.

He polled 5,344 votes, putting him behind winner Ros Jones (Labour), Conservative George Jabbour and UKIP candidate Brian Whitmore.

The video, filmed by passer by Owen Clarke in the town centre last Wednesday shows Mr Todd being handed a ticket by the police for using the blue lights of his 'ambulance' to park.