BBC Heir Hunter's stars' fund helps Doncaster Council

A charitable funeral fund set up by the stars of BBC Heir Hunter's programme has helped Doncaster Council become the latest local authority to save money on public health funerals.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10 February, 2018, 09:39

The probate genealogy company or `heir hunter’ launched the charitable funeral fund – Finders International – to help hospitals and local councils with the cost of Public Health Funerals. These occur when a person dies with no Will and no known next of kin (rather than relatives that refuse to pay for a funeral).

In normal circumstances, it is the responsibility of either the hospital where the person has died or the local authority to pay for a public health funeral, formerly called a ‘paupers funeral’.

MD of Finders International, Danny Curran, said: “We welcome applications from the NHS and local councils as we can help significantly with finances that they may not have, while also saving them time and allowing direct access to our professional resources. Sadly, the causes of social isolation that often lead to a lonely death are unlikely to be alleviated soon. Finders International had a case where a man was discovered in his flat in Oxford seven months after he had died. Rather than being a rarity, this is becoming all too common.” Finders International created the Funeral Fund by donating a percentage of commission from next of kin tracing service for local authorities and NHS trusts.