Barnsley shoppers dazzled by Rainbow Run flash mob dancers

Dancers promoting the Rainbow Run in Barnsley.
Dancers promoting the Rainbow Run in Barnsley.

A team of dancers wowed shoppers in Barnsley town centre when they dressed up in bright colours for an improvised dance show.

The flash mob style dance routine took place in Barnsley town centre recently to promote the annual Rainbow Run for the Barnsley Hospital Charity.

Professional dancers were involved in performing the routine, before handing out flyers to the public.

Stephen Wragg, chairman of Barnsley Hospital, said: “We’re so pleased that the flash mob was a success.

“It’s always great for the charity to be present in the community and we felt that this was a fantastic way of getting to know our supporters a little more.

“With the Rainbow Run only a month away, it’s the perfect time for the public to book their tickets.”

The Rainbow Run takes place at Locke Park on May 17 from noon.