Baby to be named in honour of his tragic dad

The heavily-pregnant girlfriend of a man killed in a South Yorkshire car crash is to give birth this weekend - and says she will name her baby after him.

Ross Staples, 25, died after a crash in a field in Styrrup, near Harworth, Doncaster, in the early hours of Tuesday.

His girlfriend, Sophie Hall, 20, is nine months pregnant and will be induced today.

She said: “Ross loved children and was really excited for the baby to come along. We found out I’m having a boy a while ago and it seems right that I name the baby after his father, who already loved him very much.”

Ross suffered serious multiple injuries in the crash and was pronounced dead at Bassetlaw Hospital.

It is believed Ross - a former pupil at Dinnington Comprehensive School - and three other men were in a Subaru hunting rabbits when they lost control of the car.

Ross lived in Gildingwells with Sophie, mum Marie White, and dad Peter Staples.

His mum, 56, said: “We are in shock and it’s still not sunk in - I’ve read about it in the paper but it’s like I’m reading about someone else.

“The baby is coming this weekend and he will be our first grandchild. It will be something happy and positive for all of us to focus on during an extremely painful and difficult time.”

Ms White said Ross, who worked at a welding firm, loved the outdoors and would explore the nearby countryside with his dogs and his horses for hours on end.