B&M parking fines: What you’re saying

B&M Doncaster
B&M Doncaster

Readers have been sharing their views and stories with us on social media after we revealed how a Doncaster shopper received £150 of fines in just over a week by parking in the B and M car park in the town centre.

Jill Stenson was shocked to receive the fines for staying a few minutes too long in the store car park on Church View in Doncaster town centre.

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Out readers have been giving their views to us on Facebook.

Here is a selection of the things that you have been saying:

Julie Anderson: Only get 90 mins, to park and shop in b & m, people use it as a free carpark for town shopping, they deserve to get tickets. pay car parking fees like everybody esle .

Daniel Sweeney: 2hours in b&m ! Nobody spends that long in a shop. Get the shop cameras to prove she was in that long. More like shopping in town to avoid paying for parking

Lauren Musson: Thats like parking on double yellows and moaning when you get done. If you know the penalty dont do it! It states she was shopping in the store who spends 2 hours in b&m? Obviously been into town first.

Laura Ireland: These are not ‘fines’, it’s a privately owned car park so they are effectively invoices that are unlikely to ever be pursued through to the Court stage.

However, why would she feel it’s ok to park there for that amount of time? B&M are a business, not a free parking charity!

Emma Louise Dickens Oh my some people are stupid...if she was so happy to pay for parking,why didn’t she pop to the frenchgate to go shopping...because I think everyone knows she most definately did not spend that amount of time in Kathryn Burgin: So in a week she spent almost 7hrs in 1 shop. Most use it to go into town. Everyone was talking about the signs when they went up so they must be big enough. You just stick to the 2hrs then no problem

Marcus Taylor: There is a big sign as soon as u drive in saying max 2 hours free and for B&M customers only I know it’s a big store but I doubt she was in store

Sarah Burkitt: I had a a fine for overstaying which I’ve paid. But on the 1st of November there wasn’t any signs in the car park. This is the day that I parked in this store. It’s disgusting as I was told by a b n m member of staff that they’d sent out 800 fines out in the first week if November! Just goes to show that within that alloted week 800 members of the public wouldn’t make the same mistake! Hence there not been signage to state a fine.

Gill Bird I thought it was always a 2hr parkig, ad like a lot of people they just use it to nip into town and not pay, valid lesson learnt and pay next time.

Charley Shaw: My mum has just had same.!! X

Eugene Beirne: To many people use this car park for town shopping and not for shopping at B&M store. Hard luck you got caught so pay up...

Ashley Crump: They should appeal on the grounds of the charge not being a genuine pre-estimate of loss and get a POPLA (Parking On Private Land Appeals) code... since they cannot prove that they’ve lost revenue due to someone parking there later than they should, they usually cancel the ticket there and then...

Dan Faultless: Not been funny but risked it for sake of a couple of quid

Lee-Ann Clark We recently received a fine too. We have two babies; getting them out of the car and in to the pram along with their bags can take ages. We went to change our babies in the frenchgate centre and then went to B&M store to shop. Having two children (one a toddler) and walking round that store can take an age we were in there for about an hour and a half. We thought we had left the store in enough time and within the two hour limit but it obviously took longer than expected to get our purchased items, the double pram and the babies in the car. I’m furious that we have actually been penalised for spending so long in the store actually purchasing things!!!!

Siobhan Roach: Time limits are there for a reason so it serves her right if she isnt going to stick to their rules. Serves her right

Sandra Helen Abrams: what gets me when it was tesco’s the rules were the same, yes its changed hands but they are not going to change the parking rule so close to town are they

Vanessa Wagstaff: Surely she knew the rules after the first fine but then to do it again no one to blame but herself !!