Average Doncaster person will have sex 5,700 times in their lifetime - that's a total of 117 days of nookie

The average Doncaster person will spend 117 days of their life having sex - with people clocking up nearly 6,000 sessions in a lifetime.

Monday, 6th February 2017, 13:19 pm
Updated Monday, 6th February 2017, 13:26 pm
The average person has sex every 2.7 days.

The survey, by Superdrug, revealed that the average person spend around 117 days of their lifetime having sex - equal to roughly 0.45% of the average human lifespan.

It means a typical person will go at it 5,778 times in their life.

The average person will have sex every 2.7 days, assuming they are active from 16-60

The survey pinned down the most common time for couples to get down to it, with 9am on Sundays the most popular time for some intimacy.

The study revealed that Saturday was the favourite day overall, followed by Friday night.