Ann Maguire killer also planned to murder Doncaster teacher

Pictured the killer of school teacher Ann Maguire  Will Cornick of Leeds
Pictured the killer of school teacher Ann Maguire Will Cornick of Leeds

The twisted schoolboy jailed for murdering his teacher Ann Maguire also plotted to kill a pregnant schoolteacher from Doncaster.

Will Cornick, 16, was sent to prison for at least twenty years after he was found guilty of stabbing to death Mrs Maguire, 61, at Corpus Christi School in Leeds in front of horrified classmates earlier this year.

Now it has been revealed that crazed Cornick also planned to slay languages teacher Sinead Miley, who lives in Campsall and who was pregnant at the time of the murder in April.

The warped teenager wanted to murder Mrs Miley, 38, in front of other children - and he had boasted of plans to kill a third teacher at the school, his head of year Andrew Kellett.

Cornick fantasised about brutally taking the life of Mrs Miley’s unborn child in the atrocity which he had spent three years meticulously planning.

He stabbed Spanish teacher Mrs Maguire to death in her classroom, but was not able to carry out his aim of attacking the other two staff members.

Mrs Miley is since believed to have had a baby girl and is currently on maternity leave.

There was no answer at her home in High Street, Campsall, yesterday.

On the morning he murdered Mrs Maguire, Cornick told a girl in school he intended to stab Miss Miley in the stomach ‘so as to kill her unborn child’. The court heard ‘he had not had the slightest problem’ with the teacher and there was no explanation as to why he should want to target her.

Mrs Miley had been a pupil at Corpus Christi before returning as a teacher.

She was close to Mrs Maguire, and her tribute to the much-loved ‘mother of the school’ was read in court. It said: ‘Ann Maguire was such an amazing woman and teacher. She taught me when I was a pupil and supported me in my career since I have been teaching at Corpus. Ann loved her job and wanted all her kids to work hard and reach their full potential.’

On Monday, Cornick was given a life term and told he would stay locked up for a minimum of 20 years.

Passing sentence at Leeds Crown Court, Mr Justice Coulson said experts considered him such a danger that he might die behind bars.

It later emerged the then 15-year-old had sent chilling messages on Facebook in which he spoke of ‘brutally killing’ Mrs Maguire and spending the rest of his life behind bars.

In one post he wrote she deserved ‘more than death more than pain’.