Anger as shop hands out free lager samples

A furious shopper has hit out at a Doncaster supermarket for offering free samples of alcohol to customers.

David Blakey said he was “disgusted” that staff at Asda in Gliwice Way were giving out the samples of lager to customers, many of whom had driven to the supermarket.

An Asda spokesman said they stopped handing samples of the new two per cent low alcohol Fosters lager out after receiving the complaint.

Mr Blakey who was shopping with his partner Katrina and two-year-old daughter Abigail said: “I was disgusted when I was offered a sample I told them I had driven and staff said it was a low alcohol lager.

“It might not be illegal but it’s morally wrong, I was disgusted.

“The car park was full so the majority of people will have driven there. A lot of people were upset about it.

“I know first hand the dangers of drink driving, I was involved in an accident a few years ago where a drink driver drove into me I broke my leg and he was killed.”

Mr Blakey, 29, contacted Doncaster Council’s Road Safety Team and complained to Asda.

A spokesman said 4cl samples were limited to one per customer and handed out with food.

The spokesperson added: “We take our commitment as a responsible retailer seriously and it’s never our intention to upset anyone. Asda was the first supermarket to introduce the now industry-standard Challenge 25 initiative, we have ended the sale of alcohol below duty and VAT, removed alcohol from our store foyers, voluntarily delisted some high alcohol products from our shelves and invested £1m in targeted and effective action to tackle harmful drinking via Addaction, the UK’s leading alcohol treatment charity. We are also a signatory to the UK Responsibility Deal to remove one billion units of alcohol from the market by 2015.

“The sampling this weekend was part of a trial. Our intention was to show that low alcohol drinks do not taste that different to higher alcohol content alternatives and we’re sorry for any upset this has caused.”