Agent’s Column: Tricia Simcock

Tricia Simcock - Senior Negotiator at John B Robinsons estate agents.
Tricia Simcock - Senior Negotiator at John B Robinsons estate agents.

Selling your home has changed drastically over the years with mobiles and internet marketing becoming more prominent - but finding a good estate agent still goes a long way into helping you gain that sale.

John B Robinson estate agent is one of the few remaining independent estate agents in Doncaster that still supplies the personal touch: to us you are still a person, not a statistic.

Previously people typically stayed in their homes for an average of 15 years but this changed to around eight years in the late 80s, and is currently 25 years, so it is even more important to find the right agent.

Serious buyers have been thin on the ground and because of this homeowners don’t want to move unless they absolutely have to.

However, buyers are starting to come out of the woodwork and vendors are beginning to test the market once again. So if you are ready to sell, we at John B Robinsons estate agents are ready to help, we offer a free valuation service with competitive fees so you can feel confident in taking the next step.

Cheaper lending means that the banks can now afford to help the market move again. With finance now becoming more accessible, interest rates on fixed term mortgages are also being driven down and to help you find the best deal we have an independent financial advisor happy to help you secure a mortgage or check out any prospective purchasers who offer on your property.

It is important to remember that when you hear on the national news that house prices are rising, this is a statistical average. There is a big difference between advertised property price averages and actual prices achieved. The truth is we don’t have one property market anymore and it can be a mistake to listen to the national news on house prices without first taking advice from an estate agent with good local knowledge - someone like John B Robinsons who has been selling properties in Doncaster for over 35 years. With a full complement of dedicated local, experienced staff and a prominent town centre premises at the top of Hallgate, we are best placed to provide a quality service at a competitive price.

From the outset of our instruction, one of our experienced sales negotiators will personally oversee the sale of your property through to completion, keeping you up to date every step of the way. This simple personal relationship with you the client is at the heart of our philosophy. This, combined with an extensive state-of-the-art marketing strategy, makes us one of the leading agents throughout the region. Our approach can simply be summed up as traditional values with a modern outlook.

o Tricia Simcock is a senior negotiator with John B Robinson.