Action as new Doncaster LED street lights ‘not bright enough’

LED street lights
LED street lights

Street lighting bosses say they will turn-up the brightness of new-style streetlights after receiving complaints that they are leaving parts of Doncaster too dark.

The modern, low energy, LED street lights have been installed in parts of Thorne and Moorends, the first parts of the borough to receive them under a roll-out by Doncaster Council.

But some residents have complained that they have too narrow a field of illumination.

Andy Rutherford, head of street scene at Doncater Council today admitted that there had been ‘one or two teething problems’ with the new lights.

He said: “We are looking at how they are set, to address these issues and get lights brighter.”

He said lights were selected for each lamppost and set at what was thought to be the appropriate level, but there had been some that were too bright, and some not bright enough.

“It is an ongoing process to turn them up or down,” he added.

“We are working woth local people and finding out where there is an issue. We have had a lot of positive feedback as well.

“With a project of this size there is always going to be a bit of tweeking.”