A third of Doncaster youngsters 10 and 11 are obese or overweight

Obese child.
Obese child.

More than a third of youngsters aged 10 and 11 in Doncaster are classed as obese or overweight.

A total of 33.6 per cent of Year 6 school pupils in the town need to lose weight.

Meanwhile 22.1 per cent of those in Reception Year, aged four to five, are also classed as obese or overweight.

Both are in line with national figures.

The statistics were revealed as part of Dr Tony Baxter’s annual report as director of public health for Doncaster Council.

The report pledges that the council and health bodies will work together to deliver a programme of activities aimed encouraging youngsters to lead more active lives.

Dr Baxter delivered the findings of his report to councillors at full council meeting last Thursday.

He said: “In relation to the obesity issue in Doncaster the children last year started to buck the national trend. We used to be among the worst for childhood obesity but now we are in line with the national average.

“That has been a combination of the work we have commissioned in relation to getting children into appropriate services when there are weight problems but also the increasing focus on physical activity and nutrition. We still have a huge amount to do.”

He added: “We have a sustained offer when it comes to tackling adult obesity. It is across the community so it needs to be based on prevention from the earliest stages and how people can develop and maintain health weights through appropriate access to nutrition and exercise and building it into their every day lives, and how they can access services.”