20 ways Doncaster's eating habits have changed since 1974

In with fresh fruit and pasta, out with liver and meat paste in Doncaster!

Thursday, 18th February 2016, 15:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th February 2016, 16:05 pm
Chips are more popular now than 1974.

That's the findings of new figures charting the UK's changing food-buying patterns since 1974

The modern Doncaster dinner table has changed significantly in the the last forty years - with white bread, whole milk and even tea being consumed less now than back in 1974.

Data from 150,000 households who took part in the survey of their food and drink habits from 1974-2000 has been published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

It comes from the National Food Survey, which in 1940 began asking households to fill out diaries of their weekly food and drink purchases.

Together with studies that replaced it from 2000, the survey data offers a fascinating snapshot of the nation's shifting norms of dining and imbibing.

Here are the foods we're eating more of - and the ones which aren't quite as popular in Doncaster anymore.

Ten things we eat and drink more since 1974

1. Chips

2. Fresh fruit

3. Pasta

4. Brown bread

5. Skimmed milk

6. Fresh chicken

7. Minced beef

8. Pizza

9. Ready meals

10. Salmon

Ten things we eat and drink less since 1974

1. White bread

2. Tinned peas

3. Meat paste

4. Whole milk

5. Soft drinks

6. Liver

7. Pork and mutton

8. Tinned vegetables

9. Tea

10. White fish