19 things you’ll understand if you grew up in ‘noughties’ Donny

Where every single one of your teenage birthdays was spent.
Where every single one of your teenage birthdays was spent.

If you grew up in Doncaster between 2000-09 - also known as the Noughties - here’s 19 things that you should have done.

1. Ice discos at The Dome

Nights out as a teenager? Look no further than ice discos at The Dome. If you were unlucky enough to be wearing hired ‘Dome Diggers’ rather than hockey boots, you’d desperately try and pull your flared jeans over them to cover them up.

2. Hired bowling shoes were a cause of social embarrassment

The bowling alley (then known as Doncaster Bowl) was a great place for a Wimpy - but embarrassing hired footwear was still a problem.

3. You had a choice of films

There was a choice of 2 cinemas, as the Odeon was still open.

4. You can remember when Belle Vue ended up on Bawtry Road

The day it was so windy the roof blew off the old Rovers ground at Belle Vue. Bawtry Road was closed for the day and teenagers were allowed to walk home down the middle of the dual carriageway.

5. Teenage parties involved laser gun in Silver Street
Laser Quest was the top choice for teenage parties.

6. Silver Street was a teenager's Las Vegas style dream

When you became old enough to brave Donny’s very own strip, Silver Street’s big names were Trilogy and Berlins. You were never sure whether to call Biscuit Billy’s by its real name (Leger Tavern) which was also confusingly displayed on a sign.

7. Ayia Napia wasn't a holiday destination, it was a takeaway

Before you were old enough to actually go to Ayia Napa, you’d already been to the late-night Donny takeaway of the same name.

8. Take me to church - but not for a drink
Underage clubbers would have to brave a dry party night at converted church Camelots

9. Bus transport was a gloomy experience
Feeling intimidated every time you walked into the dark world of the Southern Bus Station.

10. There was little choice of restaurant for a celebration
All birthday meals were either at Central Park or Quintus.

11. Shopping expeditions used shoe leather

Girls shopped at Etam and MK One - which was inconveniently situated way too far away from other teen fashion temples such as New Look. Your friends were always divided on whether it was called MK or Mark One.

12. Lunch was never taken in school
Donny institution Cooplands was the only place for teenage lunch breaks and there would always be a crush.

13. Trains to Meadowhall - no thanks!
To save money on train fare, you’d brave a ridiculously long and meandering bus journey to Meadowhall via Conisbrough and Rotherham. Only 40p!

14. If you lived in the sticks, getting around wasn't quite as easy
Anyone living in the southern suburbs would have to trust the green, mean and worryingly rattly Leon buses.

15. None of your poncy Academies lark

Schools still had names like Hatfield High, Adwick and Northcliffe. Academies didn’t yet exist.

16. All learner drivers underwent the same initiation

You first driving lesson took on the Straight Mile next to the Racecourse, followed by pootling around Intake’s 20mph zone.

17 . School dinner puddings? There was only one choice

Chocolate concrete was a school lunch staple and only in later life did you realise many people from other cities have never even heard of it.

18. A scary woman with a clipboard signalled the end of your night out

All taxi queues were marshalled by a woman with a clipboard at the end of a night

19. We loved you Rovers, we do
You remember when Rovers suddenly ‘got good’ and there were fewer Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday shirts to be seen.