You can’t beat a bag

WOMEN get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other item, research has revealed.

Buying the perfect handbag was considered to be a sure sign of a successful shop and nearly a quarter of women said that buying a new handbag meant they felt happier than if they were to shop for any other item according to the saveme4later survey.

High heeled shoes, a nice summer dress and a well-fitting pair of jeans were among the other shopping items that gave women a sense of excitement.

Beauty products and underwear were also highlighted as items that leave them on a high, with three quarters of women admitting to trying out new makeup within an hour of buying it.

Handbags came out top of the list followed by shoes, summer dresses, concert tickets, jeans, jewellery, a little black dress, chocolates, underwear and beauty products.

The survey of 2,000 women and their shopping habits was commissioned by to mark the launch of their new shopping app and website.

Instead of splashing their cash impulsively, most women now spend a lot of time carefully thinking before they buy a new handbag and are more likely to return to view the desired product on a couple of occasions before purchasing.

Out of everything they buy the most thought goes in to buying a winter coat and underwear is the item that women are most likely to buy on a whim.

81 per cent of women said they were more careful with what they buy now than five years ago and say they put more thought in to their spending.