Wit and wisdom of Jeremy Clarkson book is completely blank

Jeremy Clarkson.
Jeremy Clarkson.

A new book entitled The Wit and Wisdom of Jeremy Clarkson has been released - and is totally empty.

The blank book about the controversial Doncaster-born Top Gear presenter is part of a series of comedy stocking filler books - all of which are completely blank.

Created by a collective of London-based comedy writers called The Empty Book Club, they are described as the antidote to the celebrity yarns and unnecessary cookbooks that fill the bestseller charts each December.

A spokesman said: “Our aim is to beat Jamie Oliver, David Walliams (with respect), Boris Johnson and especially Jeremy Clarkson to the No.1 spot this Christmas with a range of books that are all completely empty.”

Each beautifully-presented empty gift book includes a full introduction, chapter headings and notes from the author, and in between all that, is stuffed with blank pages.

Priced £3.99 or under other titles in the series include The Complete Guide To The Very Best Of Stoke, Everything The Scots Love About The English and The Point Of Katie Hopkins.

Others include Ann Widdecombe: Everything I Know About Sex, Everything Fun About UKIP and Manchester United: The Trophy Cabinet Story 2014-50.

The books are available fromwww.emptybookclub.com.