Will excited to horse around at Doncaster Racecourse

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Anything is possible when Will Young takes to the stage in Doncaster.

The evergreen star has even joked he “will be wearing some sort of donkey outfit” when he kicks off the 2016 Music Live! concerts at Doncaster Racecourse.

The 37-year-old is performing after Visit Bawtry Raceday, a day of racing at the Town Moor venue on Saturday, May 14.

And Will, who shot to fame by winning the inaugural series of Pop Idol, the predecessor of The X Factor, in 2002, is looking forward to it.

“They are always really fun, because people come to the races and they stick around to see who’s going to sing to them,” he says. “There is always a good atmosphere. It’s good because the crowd are always up for it and enjoy it.

“A day at the races is fun anyway, then you get this additional entertainment at the end.”

And Will says he likes the freedom of the outdoor shows.

“They’re different, less contained, in comparison to indoor gigs, and I really like that. Quite often, I will go off on a tangent for 15 minutes – for some reason, it just seems more possible to do so.

“My first solo tour was a theatre tour, then, before my arena tour, I went and did some outdoor shows and it was the most wonderful time.

“I always look forward to the summer gigs. It’s summer time, it’s nicer weather hopefully and everyone is a bit more relaxed.

“And people have more space to enjoy themselves. “We’re a quite inhibited people. We normally have to have a few drinks to get into a mood to dance, but because you’re outside, people seem to let these inhibitions go.

“Plus playing outdoors is really lovely because the light changes. It starts light and the sun is slowly coming down. At the end you’re in darkness. This ever-changing light, you don’t get that indoors.

“There’s something really special about playing music outdoors.”

And Will is also looking forward to having a flutter on the horses beforehand – there are seven races on the card, with the first at 5.45pm and the last at 8.45pm.

“I am quite partial to my betting,” he says. “The most I’ve won is £70, that’s pretty good – it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

“I always have a flutter on the National, although I just pick the ones that are a safe bet or where I like the name or the look of the horse.”

After the racing though, all thoughts will turn to his show.

“The hits will be there, although I normally forget my setlist and someone will have to walk on and point out it’s taped to the stage by my feet,” he laughs, “but I normally forget my glasses as well.

“There’ll definitely be some confetti, some kind of disco glitter curtain and a couple of fun surprises. I’ll wear an array of magical outfits and we’ll just have fun.”

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