Walk this way: Rivelin Valley walk

Rivelin valley.
Rivelin valley.

STARTING POINT: This walk starts from the Hillsborough tram stop – but you can shave off the first part of the walk by going to the Malin Bridge tram stop which is nearer Rivelin Valley

1: Starting from Hillsborough tram stop turn into Forbes Road, a short distance from the Rawson Spring pub and on the same side of the road. Continue ahead into Thoresby Road. at the end of the road, take the footpath which curves gently to the right. Walk the footpath and soon turn right to a short path which will take you to Watersmeet Road. Walk down the road. In a few minutes you will reach the main road (Rivelin Valley Road). Turn left and go up the road. in a minute or two you will see the fire station on your right hand side. Cross the road. a few metres after passing the station you will find a bridge which will take you to the other side of the Rivelin river. After passing the bridge, turn left. Now relax and enjoy the Rivelin Valley! The river flows for a total of 3.5 miles, before joining the River loxley.

2: The river will lead you for the rest of the walk – just follow the path close to the river. When you reach stepping stones turn left and continue with the Rivelin on your left hand side. After a few minutes, the path will take you back to the main road. On your right hand side you will find the Hollins lane Bridge. Cross the bridge and immediately after the bridge cross Hollins lane and continue your walk on the ‘easy going trail’ footpath. The footpath will take you to Rivelin Park Cafe (open Mon-Sun, 9am - 5pm) where the first part of your walk ends.

3: Enjoy the cafe and playground behind it. You can extend your walk from here if you want – an information board at the cafe will help you to find further attractions. When you are ready to return, take the same footpath back. (as you already walked the path one way, the instructions for the return are less detailed). When leaving the cafe walk with the Rivelin on your right hand side. Cross the Hollins lane bridge and turn left after the bridge.

4: After a few metres, on your left hand side you will find the footpath which will lead you back to the river. When you reach a bridge near the main road, cross the bridge and turn left. Near the fire station cross the road. After few minutes turn right to Watersmeet Road. At the end of the road turn right and then immediately left on to the footpath which will take you to Thoresby Road. Retrace your steps back to the Hillsborough tram stop.



TERRAIN: EASY, a walk up and down the pleasant Rivelin Valley, with views and a park cafe for refreshments.



WHERE TO MEET: Rivelin Valley Road