VIDEO: Doncaster Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson turned into Lego

More than five million people have watched Doncaster born Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson turned into a Lego figure in an online video clip which has gone viral.

The trailer for the new series of the BBC motoring show, which began on Sunday, sees Clarkson and co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond turned into animated Lego minifigures.

Jeremy Clarkson immortalised in Lego.

Jeremy Clarkson immortalised in Lego.

The clip shows Hammond getting his feet stuck in spare bits of Lego, May losing his Lego hair and The Stig going missing ahead of the new series.

The two-minute clip was produced to promote the return of the show for its 22nd series on BBC2.

A show spokesman said: “In this behind-the-scenes clip - which has now racked up more than five million views - we can reveal exactly what goes on just before the boys appear on your televisual screes to present your favouritest motoring programme in the world.

“In Parallel Lego Universe, that is. Yes, the chaps behind the world-renowned sticky bricks have helped us whip up a Lego video, and it’s well worth a watch.”