VIDEO: Dancing Minion puzzles Doncaster shoppers

A Minion character from the Despicable Me films has been entertaining and puzzling Christmas shoppers in Doncaster - by silently dancing to music.

A performer dressed as one of the cute yellow characters from the hit movies was spotted bopping along to chart hits outside the Frenchgate Centre in St Sepulchre Gate earlier today.

The dancing Minion.

The dancing Minion.

Shoppers looked on outside the former New Look store as the costume clad mystery Minion danced to songs such as Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, which were being blasted out through a portable music system.

Youngsters seemed enthralled by the lunchtime show while older Christmas shoppers filmed the spectacle on their mobiles or hurried past with bemused looks on their faces.