Valentine’s Day sex toys for the lover, flowers for the wife

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Cheating husbands buy sexy and expensive gifts for their lovers, boring and predictable gifts for the wife, according to a new survey.

Victoria Milan – a dating website for attached people looking to cheat – polled 4,685 cheating husbands to uncover how their Valentine’s Day will unfold.

Just over three-quarters of cheating husbands surveyed will buy their wives a gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and nearly 60 per cent will be expecting a gift in return.

In comparison, 61 per cent will buy their mistress a present, but only 36 per cent expect to receive a reciprocal gift.

Sexy and expensive items will be heating up bedrooms across the globe as illicit lovers accept offerings from cheating husbands this Valentine’s Day.

Sex toys are the number one gift for lovers with 19 per cent of the votes (most likely inspired by the release of 50 Shades of Grey), followed by a good bottle of champagne (18 per cent), designer goods (15 per cent) and sexy lingerie (15 per cent).

The most unlikely gifts to be received are home supplies, books and bath bubbles and salts with zero votes.

The gifts wives are most likely to receive are sweet – but boring. Flowers (21 per cent), a romantic dinner for two (16 per cent) and chocolates (11 per cent) will be on the shopping list for cheating husbands.

Founder and CEO, Sigurd Vedal, said the results show that husbands see the need to keep their wives happy, and their mistresses even happier.

“Suggestive and playful gifts that cost more money and take more thought are given to mistresses while wives are kept at bay with dull but delightful standards: dinner, chocolates, flowers. Cheating husbands are smart and know how to keep their partners and lovers happy,” Mr Vedal said.