Trip to India to meet new family

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A WOMAN’S fascinating family history was welcomed by members of the Haxey and Westwoodside Heritage Society at their recent meeting.

Speaker Mrs Sylvia Atkinson returned to talk to the group, her previous visit having covered the exploits of her father at Pegasus Bridge during World War Two resulting in the award of the Military Medal and her fascinating discovery, revealed by her mother now in her seventies, of her unknown Indian family.

This time her talk was entitled ‘Reunited’ and moved her story forward, informing members that despite much persuasion her mother resolutely refused to travel back to India and meet the now grown up family and therefore of her own eventual travel to India to meet her newly found relations.

A spokesman said: “Delivered with many humorous anecdotes Sylvia described her arrival in Delhi to a rapturous family welcome, the sightseeing tours and the continual provision of mountains of food.

“Sylvia discovered that her new family were highly placed in Indian society having positions in the military, education and business supported by many photographs of family and events, all of this taking place in the late 1980s at a time of political unrest in the continent which further added to her experiences.”

Members were reminded of next month’s Annual General Meeting. The next meeting is on October 11.