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The Hodgson & Hepworth store at Hexthorpe in 1928.
The Hodgson & Hepworth store at Hexthorpe in 1928.

Remember H&H?

There are many shops which once graced the streets of Doncaster, most are remembered by the older generation.

But there is one whose name always raises a smile.

Hodgson & Hepworth (better known as H & H) as well as The Ready Money Store, was founded in 1872 by Richard Hodgson and Richard Hepworth (tobacconist and general grocer respectively) and once stood on St. Sepulchure Gate roughly on the site of such modern day frontages as Clas Ohlsson and New Look.

Our splendid image this week shows the much smaller Hexthorpe Road branch of this legendary store in 1928 and the chaps standing outside the shop are L to R : Douglas Kitson, Mr. Walker and ‘Hanson’.

The picture was sent in by Mrs. Janet Kitson Roberts whose father Douglas joined the staff aged 15 as an errand boy and earning 9 shillings per week for full-time work.

Richard Hodgson (tobacconist) and Richard Hepworth (general grocer). The shop was often referred to as ‘H & H’ or The Ready Money Store.

In the main store, the tobacco, wines and spirits dept was packed with immaculately stacked shelves, glass display cases containing numerous types of tobacco and balance scales stood on the counter for weighing loose products.

A visit to the store was always made pleasant by the aroma of coffee percolating throughout from the cafe.

Janet goes on to say that as a child, she was fascinated by the strange sight of cured hams, whole pigs and smoked bacon hanging from the ceiling in tidy rows. Sadly, as shopping habits changed and the supermarket trend gained pace, the store finally closed in 1979.