Star spotting and bird watching at Old Moor Nature Reserve

A Bittern at Old Moor RSPB Reserve, Wombwell.
A Bittern at Old Moor RSPB Reserve, Wombwell.

Stargazers and twitchers are invited to spot bird species and observe the night skies in a Planets and Pintails event on Saturday.

Old Moor Nature Reserve in the Dearne Valley will host the double header when bird watchers are invited on a guided walk to watch birds come in to roost at sunset, followed by observation at the reserve with Mexborough and Swinton Astronomical Society.

The evening will start with twitchers having a choice of guided walks to watch wildfowl roosting, barn owls returning to their nests or elusive bitterns settling in the reed beds.

This is followed by the astronomical society allowing visitors to look at the night sky through telescopes with the addition of a classroom presentation on the reserve showing film footage of the stars.

In the visitor centre there will also be a demonstration of a planetarium showing wider planetary systems. In the reserve café observers can watch new footage of earth taken by the international space station. The event is from 3pm to 6.30pm, adults cost £5 and children £2. For details call 01226 751593.