REVIEW: 80s nights revisited with comic joy Bouncers at Cast

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  • Bouncers
  • Cast, Doncaster
  • Until April 10

Drunken fumblings, bad nights out, horror taxi journeys, cheesy clubs and DJs, too much drink - yes, we’ve all been there at some time or another - which is what makes John Godber’s comedy classic still such a joy to behold.

Incredibly, it is now nearly forty years since the hilarious tale of nights on the town in the “midnight circus” was first brought to the stage, but the show has lost none of its edge, sharpness or classic one-liners in that time.

This production, presented by Wakefield’s Theatre Royal, played to a pack audience at Cast - and judging by the age of those in attendance, the storyline of 80s nights out was playing to just the right audience.

For those who have never seen it, the play features just four actors on a sparse stage, telling the tale of a night on the tiles from a string of different perspectives - a group of boorish, sexist bouncers, a gaggle of drunken fashion and beauty obsessed girls and a gang of laddish jack the lads, showering up and hitting the town.

No costume changes, no stage props other than four beer barrels and a single neon sign proclaiming ‘Bouncers’ are all that’s needed - because the comedy and punchy performances from the cast are all that’s needed to carry this marvellous play.

Younger audience members will have recogised Chris Hannon as the dad from CBeebies show Topsy and Tim, delivering a superb performance as Ralph (one of the Bouncers, but also Sexy Suzie) - believe you me, it all becomes clear when you see it.

Robert Hudson was perfectly cast as worldweary Lucky Eric while Frazer Hammill, a newcomer to the show which is currently touring the UK, added plenty of sparkle to the proceedings as Les, slotting in brilliantly alongside the other three who have already appeared in the roles previously.

Drawing in the majority of the laughs was the giant presence of Adrian Hood, who was superb as both lumbering bouncer Judd and dowdy but lively maneater Elaine.

Backed with a soundtrack of 80s pop classics such as Tainted Love by Soft Cell, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners (does anyone actually know all the words to that song?) it made for the perfect trip down a memory lane sprinkled liberally with cold pizza, vomit, used condoms and too much after shave.

If you are looking for a night out without actually having to encounter all of the above, then hotfoot it to Cast tonight for a night out that will have you smiling from ear to ear. If the bouncers, let you in of course...