Phew, what a scorcher!

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HEAD into a town centre watering hole and the first thing on your mind is probably something cooling and refreshing.

Well, regulars at the Hallcross on Hallgate went exactly the opposite way for charity by ditching their nice, crisp, thirst-quenching pints in favour of walking on red hot sizzling coals.

Yep, you read that right - a whole host of drinkers headed out from the bar to challenge themselves on a specially created firewalk at the rear of the pub as part of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and to collect money for the children’s charity Little Heroes.

Among some of the brave souls daring to test out their tootsies on the scorching cinders were Colin Nesbitt founder of Little Heroes, Gemma Martin, Simon Saynor, Noddie Neale, Johnno Martin, Nathan Squire, Dean Cousins, Matt Edgington, Max Howorth, Richard Stott and Alan Laffar.

Jessica McCaw chipped in by organising a raffle and landlady Emma Saynor, who’d set a fund-raising target of £200 did miles better than that - drawing in a staggering £1,200 from the event. And what’s more, sponsorship money from the daring “feet” is still coming in!

Now that’s what I call real hot stuff!


PLENTY of pubs have been decked out in the old red, white and blue these past few weeks for the Jubilee festivities - and that’s continued with the St George’s crosses for England’s participation in the Euro 2012 football - always a good boost for trade as punters flock to watch the action unfold on the big screens. Let’s hope the bunting stays in place for the visit of the Olympic Torch to Doncaster next Tuesday and then flutters all the way into July and August when the Olympic Games come to this great nation of ours.


IN amongst all the football and sporting action, there’s still plenty going on at the pubs and clubs around Donny over the coming weeks. Don’t forget, the first Friday of the month sees Northern Soul and Motown with DJ Snowy at Wheatley Club, Balby Road Rec has a gallon of beer up for grabs at its regular Sunday quiz nights and there’s country and western star Dick Ryman at the Trades tomorrow.