Olympics food for thought: seven facts to chew over

Olympian food
Olympian food

With Rio Olympics opening ceremony tonight, Central England Co-operative has compiled amazing facts and figures about the celebrated global event ... and how food will play a major role in 2016 games.

Here are 7 things South Yorkshire shoppers may not know about 2016 Olympics and host nation Brazil.

And see here http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/10-rio-reasons-south-yorkshire-s-olympic-spirit-shines-1-8050991how South Yorkshire's finest are going for Olympic gold.

1. 10,500 athletes from 206 different countries will take part, with 306 competitions in 42 different sports taking place over 17 days in 33 different venues. 18,000 people in total.

2. The Olympic Village will serve 60,000 meals a day made from 460,000 lbs. of raw material – all served on four million biodegradable plates.

3. Five different types of cuisine will be on offer – Brazilian, Asian, International, Italian Pasta and Pizza and Halal and Kosher

4. 18,000 number of athletes, coaches and staff members will eat their meals in The Olympic Village dining room.

5. 40 varieties of exotic Brazilian fruits such as Papaya and Star Fruit will be on offer in the dining hall.

6. 2,500 people will form part of the team that prepare all of the meals.

7. Popular Brazilian food that will be enjoyed will include cheese buns (Pao de Queijo), chocolate truffles (Brigadeiro) and Tangerines.

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