March 19, 1937

WITH regard to the widening of a portion of High Street, Epworth, the Western Area Highways Committee reported at Friday’s meeting of the Lindsey County Council that they had been informed that the purchase of 145 square yards of land from the Trustees of the Memorial Field at Epworth, at a cost of £10 plus legal costs of £1 1s, had been completed and that the cost of the scheme for the improvement of the highway would be £50. The Committee recommended that the scheme should be approved and that the work should be proceeded with.


March 23, 1962

A MILITANT contingent of Haxey Carr residents and an aggrieved section of parishioners from Church Lane, Haxey, made the annual parish meeting at Haxey, on Monday night, something which it has not been for years. The chairman, Mr J Cooper, who almost had to elbow his way into the meeting room in the Memorial Hall, commented that it was the first time in all his experience of Parish Council work that there had been more than one or two members of the public at an annual parish meeting. The Haxey Carr folk had rolled up to protest against the continuing burden of keeping the road to the Carr in usable condition and against the absence of scavenging services (now that action has been taken by the Parish Council to prohibit the dumping of refuse at the Carr); and press their grievance that the County Council will not take over and maintain the lane. Carr residents’ spokesman Mr T Towns made it quite clear that the mood of his fellow-sufferers was such that they intended having redress about road responsibilities if it were at all obtainable by an approach to the MP with a view to direct intervention at Government level if local government channels don’t work.


March 20, 1987

While some people are pushing Epworth as a tourist attraction and trying to brighten up the town, others seem bent on turning it into a dirty place. The beautiful parish church of St Andrew was completely cleaned on the outside last year in the Burringham and district Project Agency’s refurbishment scheme. Now, only months later, young vandals have sprayed the north wall of the church with an aerosol can with initials and word which will be offensive to some people - and quite costly to remove.

The Rector, the Rev Arthur Makel, is more upset by the stupidity of the action than the possibly offensive nature of the word. But even worse is the attitude of people whom he describes as mature vandals. “I am heartily sick of people walking dogs on Church Avenue and permitting them to foul the verge, but it is particularly disgusting when they foul the gravestones,” he said.