The Sunday School attached to the Kilham Memorial Church, Epworth, has a long history, dating its inception to within about 20 years of the commencement of Sunday School work by Robert Raikes. The lllth anniversary was celebrated by special services on Sunday and Monday last, and these were attended with the success usual to these popular festivals. On Sunday, morning and night, the Rev W Carter, pastor of the U.M. Church, Doncaster, preached very appropriate and excellent sermons. A children’s service was held in the afternoon, the feature of which was the special hymns and recitations by the scholars, and choir. The children had been admirably trained by Mrs Burman. Miss Ada Dawson was the organist. The services were well attended.


February 5, 1937

The Crowle Amateur Dramatic Society, which has been producing plays since 1931 and has a membership of over 80 gave very creditable performances of four one-act plays in the Picture House, Crowle, on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Commencing with ‘Tyranny and Teacakes’ produced by Elsie Goodison, the acting was on a high level, natural and simple. Mrs Lofthouse (Gan) was acted by Mary Sales and made a charming old lady with old-fashioned ways. Cora Cranidge, as Nance Lofthouse, had the right mannerism for the part she sustained, and she was very good, as also were the parts taken by Lily Fillingham (Bintie Lofthouse) and Phyllis Drury (Jenny Walker).


February 9, 1962

An argumentative meeting on Tuesday of Epworth Parish Council went on two-and-a-quarter hours.

Much of the time was taken up by the desire of members to do the right thing in accepting an offer by two of the councillors to see that work of tidying up the closed churchyard of St Andrew’s was completed without further delay.

The other main discussion was on the precept requirements for the coming year - in particular on what work should be carried out at the cemetery. Mr E Lindley raised the matter of the closed churchyard and said it was high time that the levelling and grassing-down which were talked about a couple years ago were finished.


February 6, 1987

Although the various services and organisations had coped during the severe snowstorms of January, the leader of Boothferry Borough Council, Coun Cyril Wiles, is concerned that all the resources available were not co-ordinated.

Stressing that he was not criticising, he proposed that Humberside County Council should be asked to call a meeting of all interested bodies to see if there was a way of improving the response to exceptionally bad weather in future.

“Parish councils, district councils, voluntary organisations and the services - it would be good to talk it over and see what specialist knowledge and machines there were,” he said.

Coun Wiles’ proposal was adopted by Boothferry’s planning committee.