A meeting of the Epworth Wesley Guild on Friday evening of last week was of a literary character. The Rev J Jones presided over a fair attendance. A carefully prepared and interesting paper was contributed by Mr W Buttrick on ‘Nathanial Hawthorne as a writer of short stories’. After a few interesting details respecting the life of this American author, it was pointed out that all his stories were written with the aim of teaching some deep spiritual truths in an attractive form. An epitome of two of his shorter shories was given to show this. The chairman and others made some interesting remarks on the subject at the close.


January 29, 1937

The death took place on Sunday of Mr Litchford Brierley, of Popplewell Terrace, at the age of 79, after a short illness. Mr Brierley, who was very active for his years and was well respected came to reside at Epworth a few years ago, on giving up the business of stonemason and property repairer, which he had carried on at Rotherham for a long time. he was an old member of the Rechabites Friendly Society, and a speaker at the Society’s meetings. For many years he was connected with the Wesley Reform Union. He leaves a widow, who has been in ill-health for a long time, two sons and two daughters, Mrs Brierley is a daughter of the late Mr John Cheeseman, of Epworth. The funeral took place at the Epworth Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.


February 2, 1962

A cigarette carelessly dropped at closing time may have started a slow smouldering fire which yesterday morning broke into a blaze which damaged the not-long-installed cocktail bar at the South Yorkshire Hotel, Crowle Wharf, and destroyed the contents.

For the licensee Mr B Bent, and Mrs Bent, it was their second recent stroke of ill-luck. Only last week a chimney pot crashed down into the yard, and dislodged soot falling down the stack and flues covered the entire house.

Yesterday’s fire was discovered when Mr Bent, on rising for the day, found the downstairs rooms full of smoke. On searching for its origin he discovered that the cocktail bar was on fire. Crowle firemen were called out and they soon had the outbreak in hand, but much damage had been done to carpets, furniture and fittings.


January 30, 1987

There are encouraging signs of more employment opportunities in the Isle of Axholme. English Estates, the government’s property developers, report that five of the seven units of the second phase of their development at the Sandtoft Industrial Estate have been reserved. The units, either 750 square feet or 1,000 square feet, were completed on Tuesday and the first tenant moved in on Wednesday. He is Mr Richard Tonge, of Sandtoft Hall, who manufactures horse jumping equipment and other equestrian items under the name of ‘Wings ‘n’ Things’ It is expected that there will be 20 to 30 jobs at the new workshops but until contracts are signed and the tenants move in, it will not be known exactly how many new jobs will be created.