Splendid progress is being made with the new colliery at Hatfield and the latest development is the installation of a telephonic system. The chimney of the colliery is rapidly approaching completion and has reached a height of over 150 feet or less than three feet of its complete height. The running sand has been pierced by steel piles and five boilers have been placed in position and before long sinking operations will be commenced.

The stoppage caused by water at the Thorne Colliery is stated to be only temporary. The company has acquired land on which a colliery village will be erected. The supply of new houses in the neighbourhood is in front of the demand at present and plans have been passed for a further number, in addition to plans for a hotel near the station.


January 22, 1937

A parish meeting, convened by the Chairman of the Parish Council, was held on Tuesday night at the Temperance Hall, Epworth, to consider suggestions as to the arrangements to be made for celebrating the Coronation of the King in May. The attendance was rather disappointing, numbering only about twenty and the Chairman (Mr E Lindley) commented that there seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm at present, but no doubt interest would be aroused now that a start was being made. In considering the ways and means of raising the money needed, the question of asking the Parish Council to precept on the Rating Authority was discussed, but it was agreed that as this would have to be included in the limited amount that the Parish Council are allowed to expend in a year on general expenses, and a penny rate would raise only about £13, it would be better to cut out this suggestion and endeavour to raise the money by public subscription.


January 26, 1962

An extension and improvements scheme at Haxey Methodist Church which will cost well over £1,000 has been adopted and the first stage of the work, involving expense of about £450 is to be put in hand without delay.

The full scheme includes doubling the size of the present schoolroom, which is totally inadequate to the demands made on it. Part of the church is screened off to provide two classrooms for the Sunday School; and whenever a social function such as tea is held, it has to take place in the church, which is spacious, while the schoolroom is tiny.


January 23, 1987

As in most villages, the weather curtailed activities in Wroot, but life went on almost as normal and because of this Mr H Goodwin has been asked to express, though the columns of this newspaper, the grateful thanks of the people of Wroot to: the owners who put their vehicles and crews to clearing the roads in the village and made it possible to gain access to places of worship; the people who delivered milk and bread; the boys and men who delivered newspapers and post; those who gave help to the elderly and those in need; and to those persons unknown who also proved that the community spirit in Wroot is still very much alive.