Meadowhall leads Father’s Day fightback

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After years of being in the gift wilderness dads need to start a Father’s Day fightback after a survey revealed that kids spend four times as much on Mother’s Day and even the relatively new Grandparents’ Day is seeing a bigger outlay on prezzies.

Following a survey by Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, it seems dads are bottom of the present pile when it comes to Fathers’ Day spend, only attracting an average of £8.95 on the day. This compares to £42.50 being splashed on mums when taking into account extravagant meals out and flowers, as well as gifts.

Even grandparents fare better with an average of £14.90 being spent on them when their special day comes around in September - according to the poll of more than 4,000 shoppers.

Adding insult to injury, even teachers have more spent on their end of term presents with parents and pupils forking out an average of £9.50 on gifts and cards.

The most popular presents bought for dads were:

* Chocolate – 34%

* Socks – 25%

* Beers or alcoholic tipples – 18%

* Personalised or comedy mugs – 9%

* Sport or hobby accessories – 8%

* Other – 6%

Psychologist Professor Margaret O’Brien from University College London said: “In the past fathers have been overlooked as mothers typically spent much more time at home.

However fathers are becoming increasingly visible in a caring, family role and research has shown their importance in a child’s well-being. We should recognise their contribution and make Father’s Day just as special as Mother’s Day”

“I’m a dad of two and I must admit that Father’s Day feels like a bit of an afterthought sometimes,” said Centre Director Darren Pearce. “But even I was surprised by the size of the spend gap for dads.

“There is so much choice out there now so I don’t think we should settle for just another pair of socks – Meadowhall will be pushing its Father’s Fightback message all this week and see if we can get a better deal for poor old dads!”