Keeping up with Jones for laughs

Milton Jones
Milton Jones


Or, more commonly, “the one with the wild hair and Hawaiian shirts off Mock The Week with the stary eyes.”

Jones’ TV appearances have helped introduce him to a wider audience and his latest UK tour, Lion Whisperer, captures the mop-haired one at his side-splitting best.

Offbeat is a word that could have been coined for Milton Jones. His sometimes surreal one-liners hit the spot every time (even the one about Mozart being eaten by a gang of wolves) and on top of that its a family show too - no blue humour or swearing here, just good, honest gags delivered in wide-eyed amazement and that laid back drawl.

Jones is simply refreshingly different to pretty much everything else on the current UK comedy scene.

He takes the normal, gives it a twist and extracts huge laughs from it. There’s a classic routine involving his holiday slides, an appearance from his “grandfather,” some bizarre laughs from an overhead projector and sandwiched inbetween, up and coming young comic James Acaster also had them rolling in the aisles with a clever and unusual set.

Milton Jones deserves to be playing arenas on his next UK tour. Catch him now before he goes global.

And what’s more, he has a cousin, who used to live in Highfields.

* Darren Burke