It could only be the 70s!

Austin Seven Car driving over Karate Club members.
Austin Seven Car driving over Karate Club members.

On June 2 1973 Doncaster was a hive of excitement and fun as the town hosted the annual Impel Trade Festival on the racecourse.

Probably not meaning a lot to many people today it was at the time one heck of a fun day which seemed to involve most of the area in one way or another.

A film was made by the Doncaster Movie Makers and Camcorder Club at the time and beautifully captures the events and lively spirit of the day including nostalgic shots of streets, hotels, parades, beauty pageants, boats, helicopters and much, much more.

In the film the Impel parade has just begun in one scene showing one of the queens sat up front in a Rolls Royce followed by another young lady riding on the back of a fire engine past cheering crowds.

Lots of colourful shots of a marching band, followed by brightly coloured floats with people in the fancy dress. Two girls then dance wildly on a back of an open top bus, which sports an ‘Impel 73’ banner.

More floats with banners follow, including ‘Doncaster Karate club’, where young men perform some of their best martial art moves.

Which brings us nicely to the main reason for our photograph this week which will probably give health and safety chaps a heart attack these days!

It shows local man John Cuttriss who had taken his classic Austin Seven car to the show where he was asked if he would drive the vehicle over a group of Karate Club members.

John agreed and after a bit of impromptu organising, volunteers and planks of wood were found (not very wide either!), the task was successfully - and slowly - carried out safely and much applause followed, well done to everyone involved and the crowd certainly loved it.

John recently contacted me and asked if we could feature the story and see if any of those Karate Kids were still around and might consider a reunion on the 40th Anniversary of the event.

Maybe you recognise yourself as one of the onlookers or if you took part in this stunt, John can be contacted on 07906774750, he would love to hear from you - maybe even recreate that special moment - and it will all coincide nicely with the splendid little Austin’s 80th birthday this month.