Irish eyes smiling for cup final song

Gaelic football.
Gaelic football.

Irish eyes were smiling – though some had a distinct tear in them – as Doncaster’s Celtic community gathered to watch the All Ireland Gaelic Football final.

Among the sports fans in a packed White Swan was a Doncaster barman with a unique interest in the game between Dublin and Mayo.

Although Jamie Grant was born in County Down, he was giving full-throated support to the Dublin side, as his father Eugene is the author of the club’s cup final song Angel in Blue.

The song was inspired by a personal tragedy – Eugene’s grandson Noah McMahon died last year, without reaching his first birthday, from a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

The song tells the story of a little boy who has a choice of counties to play for, but only wants to wear the famous True Blue jersey for Dublin.

“It has already hit number one in the Irish country charts.

Jamie, 26, said: “We’re very, very proud of dad, though he’s not a Dublin fan either – in fact he used to play for County Down himself!

“It feels a bit strange to be supporting Dublin, but it’s not every day your dad writes a cup final song.”