In the saddle with Anita Marsh: Massage makes a difference

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We had a great day recently at a charity horse show - we didn't take the horses as we had only returned back from our holidays the previous day but we did take our rescue dog and entered her in the dog show.

In addition to winning first and second place with our dog, Suzie, we also won an equine back massage in the raffle from Equi Phys.

Emma Sellers is a local lady originally from Owston Ferry who has recently qualified in her advanced certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy - meaning she's qualified to give massages on both horses and dogs. She's a registered and practicing veterinary nurse also, so she clearly knows her stuff.

Emma is no stranger to horses, having being brought up with them as a young child and she's enjoyed competing in showjumping and cross country. She's also got the cutest pair of springer spaniels so she didn't mind our barking dogs when she came to give our horse, April, a massage.

There are many benefits to equine massage and passive stretching combined with joint manipulation such as improving muscle tone, elasticity and range of movement, induces rapid cell renewal and tissue repair helping to speed up recovery and can minimise stiffness and remove lactic acid as well as releasing muscle spasms.

Emma first of all checked April's confirmation by having her walk up and trot her in hand, all was good so then she moved onto checking my horse's back for any discomfort or pain.

At first April was slightly tense but she soon relaxed into it and I could tell she was really enjoying the benefits of her massage. She even nearly fell asleep.

If you are interested in the benefits of massage for your horse or dog then I'd highly recommend her. You can contact her on her Facebook page or 07432613918. After watching her work on my horse I'd have loved one - pity I don't have four legs!