Hughes a not so pretty boy then?

Comedian Steve Hughes
Comedian Steve Hughes


The Dome

CRAMMED into a small, hot conference room at The Dome, Aussie comedian Steve Hughes prowls the stage like a caged tiger.

He’s full of vemom and has some Big Issues he wants to deal with - terrorism, music, language - you name it, he’s going to sort it out.

But only after he’s stopped standing at the front of the room looking like he’s doing a talk on logistics on how to sell more kitchen furniture.

Hughes is not your typical stand-up. Dressed head to toe in black, with a warm-up track of heavy metal and with a look of Lemmy’s long lost brother about him, its clear to see his pedigree and where he’s come from.

But what also sets him apart on the UK comedy scene is his sharpness, clever routines and wittily delivered tales of the frustrations of everyday life - Steve Hughes is saying what you’re thinking and getting angry about it. Only he’ll do the getting angry bit for you.

This is a man on a rapid rise and it was a delight to see him in such a small venue as next time he drops in, he’ll be playing the main hall.

And watch out too for support act, New Zealander Sully O’Sullivan. Together the pair make a formidable colonnial duo - a bonzer evening of great comedy.

* Darren Burke