Holocaust survivor's story told at North Lindsey College

A captivated North Lindsey College student audience heard from a Holocaust survivor first hand during a live webcast.

Saturday, 3rd February 2018, 9:18 am
A live webinar in aid of the Holocaust Memorial Day at North Lindsey College

The webinar featured Holocaust survivor, Janine Webber, who was born in 1932 in Lwów Poland.

Janine spent most of her time running and hiding from deportation after her mother died of typhus, her father and brother were shot and she never saw her grandmother again. After much time spent avoiding being sent to Bełżec, eventually Janine was reunited with her auntie and they lived and survived in an underground bunker for a year with twelve other Jewish people.

Andrew Qualter, 16, a college student, said: “I have previously researched how the Nazis came into power. It is important to remember and understand this history and realise this is still happening today with terrorism. I believe that it is important for young people to understand what happened to young people to make better decisions in the future.”