Fast Woman speeding into Doncaster next month

Sandra Hunt and FineTime Fontayne.
Sandra Hunt and FineTime Fontayne.

The glamorous world of 1920s motor racing will speed into Doncaster next month.

Daredevil racing driver Helle Nice was a fast woman in every sense: in life, in love and in motor racing.

Roaring through the 1920’s she danced her way to notoriety at the Casino de Paris and risked her life in adventures as diverse as skiing, a high wire act, mountaineering and speed record attempts.

Her skill and courage handling Bugattis and Alfa Romeos brought her success; her brazen media-savvy brought her enemies – one in particular - in him she met her match.

This amazing life is brought to you in Stewart Howson’s exhilarating play Fast Woman, performed by Sandra Hunt and accompanied by music from FineTime Fontayne.

Sandra and FineTime both have grand memories of the arts scene in Doncaster.

Most recently, FineTime played a part in the opening ceremony at Cast and lent his creative input to the first – and highly successful – pantomime at the theatre.

He also recalls early experiences in Doncaster Arts Co-operative, DARTS, Link (theatre in education), and shows at the Civic and Little Theatres.

Sandra has enjoyed performing at DAC and the Little, too - and both happily remember drinking beer at the Mason’s Arms during rehearsals!

Since those days, their careers have taken them into radio, film and TV, including Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Doctors, and Girl’s Night.

Sandra says of their new venture: “It’s a pleasure to play this extraordinary woman and FineTime’s french jazz guitar envelopes you in a chic pre-war atmosphere.”

This highly praised production can be seen at Cast at 7.45 on March 6.