A camel at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster

camel picture taken by Roy Briggs.
camel picture taken by Roy Briggs.

This week’s fantastic reader picture shows a camel at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

It was taken by Roy Briggs from Crowle and is what he describes as “A Bactrian camel”, native to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Roy said: “This was taken when I was at the wildlife park recently with my wife. This breed of camel has two humps compared to other camels.

“This one, taken at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, appears to be grinning for the camera, but to be fair I just caught him chewing at his feed. And no, he didn’t give me the hump.”

Former reporter Roy is a keen amateur photographer and is often seen out and about in the Isle of Axholme and around Doncaster and district capturing images.

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