Taekwondo: Medal joy for Team ACMAC


Students at Andy Crittenden’s Martial Arts Centre have struck gold on both sides of the Atlantic.

Team ACMAC are celebrating medal success at the ISKA US Open World Championships, held in Florida, and the WTKA European Championships, held closer to home in Sheffield.

Head coach Andy Crittenden said: “I am so proud of the team and how it has grown over the years. We are now truly diverse in the achieving medals in Fighting, Sport Sword and a variety of forms.

“We now turn our attention to the National Championships in October and then the World Championships in November.”

US Open: Gold: David Fletcher (2), Lee Cutsforth, Bethany Revill. Silver: Sarah Illingworth (2), Nicky Buxton (2), Joanne Revill, Darren Revill. Bronze: Sarah Illingworth (2), Bethany Revill, David Fletcher, Darren Revill (2), James Revill (2), Nicky Buxton, Lee Cutsforth, Joanne Revill.

European Championships: Gold: Lucy Shaw, Tiffiny Richardson, Kian Goodenough, Tia Rowe, Brooke Sockett, Sophie Hawkins, Hayden Lindley, Micheala Hempstock, Lee Revill. Silver: Hayden Lindley, Kian Goodenough, Dylan Satchwell, Alan Wills, Nicky Buxton, Brooke Sockett (2), Sophie Hawkins (2), Tiffiny Richardson, Lee Cutsforth, Lucy Shaw, Keenan Fritz, Ellie Orwin, Alastair Bell, Shaun Bell. Bronze: Callum Hayes, Sophie Hawkins, Kian Goodenough, Lucy Shaw, Keenan Fritz, Samantha Orwin.