Rowdy rockets on display at centre

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There were jobs for all members of the family, from wiring up the robot kits to decorating them, before putting them through their paces and racing them against each other.

“And they all worked this time, which was a bonus,” said organiser Steph Worsley. “Everyone enjoyed the day, and it’s good to see parents and children working together. This was the most successful one I’ve been to,” she added. One of the families attending had read about the event in the Bells/Advertiser, and attended as a result of the article.

There’s an added bonus at the next event, taking place on Saturday May 26 between 10am and noon. That’s when Emma Fox will be bringing her two geckos, called Spot and Stripe, to be the stars of the show.

The theme of the event will be a bug hunt, and the families attending will be able to go out and collect insects from the plants nearby, before bringing them indoors in catching jars to have a look at them and talk about them.

“We’re calling it Crazy Creatures, and we’re looking forward to lots of people attending,” said Steph.

The event is once again at Misterton Fire Station, which Steph sees as a valuable link. “It’s a different kind of venue, and one that dads are more relaxed about coming to,” she said. “The fire service is also able to work in some of its safety messages too, so it’s good for all of us. We’re grateful for their support.”